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History of the HSA

History of the HSA

“The Handbell Society of Australasia (HSA) was formed in 1983 with a charter to encourage handbell ringing throughout Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring regions”


   -from the HSA Management Handbook, June 2004



Philip Bedford, our founding President, wrote about the beginnings of the organisation in the first ever edition of our newsletter, The Handbell Herald

The HSA has recently appointed our own Tasmanian representative, Jenny Gill, as the official HSA Archivist.  

We congratulate Jenny on this appointment and look forward to whatever light she may in time be able to shed on the history of our organisation and bellringing in general.


In the meantime, the Society already has access to some wonderful materials prepared by other members, including a book written by HSA member Gwyn Gillard, entitled ‘See How They Ring’.


All historical articles from the old website, including those written by Philip Bedford and others, will eventually be archived here, with links displayed on the right.


As always, any new material is most welcome. 

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