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Synergy Handbell Ensemble

Director: Ali O'Connell


From Synergy’s own website;


    “Synergy Handbell Ensemble was formed in January 2007 by director Alison O’Connell. The ringers range in handbell experience, from 20 years to only 6 months, and most of us play other instruments as well, including flute, recorder, clarinet, piano, saxophone, organ and voice. Many in the group are also music educators, both established and in training. All the members of Synergy share a passion for our art, a high level of musicianship, joy in collaboration, sensitivity towards others and most importantly, a sense of humour.”


    “Synergy Handbell Ensemble was initially granted rehearsal space and use of handbells by St Andrew’s School, but now have our own bells and rehearsal space at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. We are incredibly grateful to both organisations for their support.”


For more information and contact details, please visit Synergy’s website and/or our South Australia news and events page. 


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