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Musical Education and Training Resources

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Community Choirs – The Challenges of Team Building By Janet Van Valey

"This resource discusses the finer points of building a solid and dedicated team of musicians, including recruitment, group dynamics, and group decision making."

Creating Your Handbell Musician’s Handbook by Kristin Kalitowski-Kowal

"Why would you need a handbell musician’s handbook? For any handbell ensemble, a handbook is useful to ensure all the logistics of the group are well-planned and executed, and to give an equal footing to every member of the group. It also can help establish a process to deal with conflict."

Setting the Stage by Kay Cook

"Dealing with different venues and different performance spaces is something active community groups deal with on an ongoing basis. Here are some ideas for making the most of every performance space."

See It, Hear It, Do It By Martha Avery

"There are three areas of learning applicable to all ages: cognitive (involving elements of perception), psychomotor (motor action directly proceeding from mental activity), and affective (relating to feeling or emotions). Directors should consider these elements in preparing effective rehearsals."

How to play the Singing Bell

How to play the Singing Bell

Composing for handbells by David York

"These guidelines have been prepared to assist composers who might be unfamiliar with handbells."

Music’s Effect on Academic Achievement By Joyce Kelstrom

"The importance of music in our schools is often overlooked and its true power unrealized.  Music deserves a place with the core subjects of math, science, history, and language arts.  If it is given the opportunity, music can make a difference in the academic achievement of our students."

Getting the MAX from your Mallets!

Mallet Techniques

Technique Tip - Stickin’ It with Mallets

Mallet Techniques

Australasian Handbell Festival 2015 Report

Breakdown of the 2015 Australasian Handbell Festival held in Adelaide

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