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Invitation to the Handbell Ringers of Japan, 40th Anniversary 

Dear guild/organization representatives


I hope this finds you all well.


It was wonderful seeing you all in Vancouver.  Summer in Tokyo is almost over, but we are still having some very hot and humid days.


The reason I have written to you today is to inform you that the information for our 40th anniversary festival is now ready.  Please find attached the document (click here to download) and we hope that many of your members will be able to join us and celebrate next summer.  It will be very kind if you can circulate this among your members.


Aside from the festival, we have also planned a post festival ringing tour such that your members will be able to see some of the beautiful places in Japan as well as enjoy ringing.


In the information, we have requested that registrants register via the home guild.  We will try to make the registration procedure as easy as possible and your assistance will be very much appreciated.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


WIth regards,


Sun-Joo Shin

Executive Director

Handbell Ringers of Japan

The HSA welcomes and congratulates the Handbell Ringers of Singapore (HRS) as the newest member of the International Handbell Committee (IHC)

We share with you Ms Lyn Yap's acceptance speech as HRS's President:

Mrs Shin, Executive Director of the International Handbell Committee, Honoured Leaders of the IHC member Guilds, The Handbell Guilds of Canada & the Co-chairs of the IHS 2016 who are our gracious hosts, Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow ringers all. 

The Handbell Ringers of Singapore thank you for the privilege of being a part of this international body. It is indeed an honour to be counted as one of you, and it gives me great pleasure and delight (oh, what am I talking about), I’m DELIRIOUS to be able to now say, “ONE OF US”.

Singapore is a tiny island, its only 17 miles wide and 27 miles long and it’s not in China. It recently had the dubious honour of being referred to as the “Little Red Dot”. If you look at the world map, we would just be a tiny red marker and you can’t even see the shape of the island, because the name SINGAPORE would cover the entire country.

Well, as they say, “no man is an island”, and we on the island of Singapore, are very glad to be a part of the larger world handbell community. Be assured that we will move forward with the same values and beliefs – that of: “bringing about world peace through music making”.

Certainly one tiny island cannot fulfil this call alone but as part of the international body, Singapore can, and will, do great things and make a difference where we are.
Whether we are bringing the joys of music to the man on the street, or even reaching out to the littlest child with special needs, we would have contributed to the overall vision of international handbells.
Music makes us one, so let our hearts beat as one, to the timeless rhythms of our created earth. Even as talented musicians seek to capture its pulse and beauty in their pieces, let us share their vision as we play the music that will not only bring east and west together, or past and present, but share what they will show us – a glimpse of a better future.

For all of these, I give my grateful thanks.

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