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“This logo represents a number of key elements that are true to the North Queensland culture and environment.

Firstly, the colour palette encompasses the hues of the coral, that are found deep beneath the ocean, of The Great Barrier Reef.

The presence of our spiritual connection with our indigenous culture is also depicted in this logo. Traditional dot art painting is replicated as a pattern on the base of the logo, to show a solidarity and respect to our First Australians.

Coral grows upwards from the base reaching the Daintree Rainforest fern. This draping fern is symbolic, showing us that the rainforest meets the reef.”

Australian Artist, Chrisanthe Thorne BVA,Bed

Dates: 6th - 11th August 2018

Where: Cairns Convention Centre

Carmel Daveson, AM

Carmel Daveson - Convenor


Contact information:

Mackay, QLD

+617 4944 1319

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