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Director: Monica McTaggart


The BellsWest program comprises 4 separate handbell ensembles, all under the capable leadership of Monica McTaggart.  WeeBells, for pre-primary and Year 1 children, rings on a 1-and-a-half octave chromatic set of combination desk bells.  WestChimes, for children in Years 2-4, develop their music-reading skills using tone chimes.  WestBells (Years 3-5) ring at an AGEHR Level 2 standard, and finally BellsWest Ringers (Years 5-12+), who are currently learning to sight read at an AGEHR Level 3 standard.


All groups rehearse on Tuesday afternoons/evenings, and would love to welcome any stray handbell-ringers from aroundabouts who might be visiting Perth on a Tuesday!


For more information, please visit our Western Australia News & Events page. 


BellsWest - Perth

Directed by Monica McTaggart

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